Dry Roasted Chickpeas

So, I have been making roasted chickpeas for a couple of years now.  And sometimes they turn out great, and sometimes they are kind of mushy-crunchy, and sometimes they are burny-mushy.  And I have never really been able to achieve good results on a regular basis.  I have been using the basic recipe that you find everywhere.  Toss chickpeas in oil.  Roast in the oven at 400, stirring every 10 minutes.  Well, the last time I made them I stumbled on a review of the recipe that recommended dry roasting at 450.

It was pure magic.

Pour the chickpeas onto your cookie sheet.  Stick them in the oven at 450F.  I even forgot to stir them.  And they were perfect after fifteen or twenty minutes.  (I also forgot to set a timer.)  No burning.  All crispy.  I tossed them in oil and salt after cooking, and incidentally, you can use a lot less oil this way.  I already ate the whole batch and have another pound of chickpeas soaking so I can cook them up tomorrow.

Side note:  I do not cook an entire pound of chickpeas on one cookie sheet.  The rest of the chickpeas from my last pound of chickpeas were made into various other foods.  Curry and Hummus if you must know.


  1. Made this; thought it was great!

  2. So you soaked them first, then roasted them?

  3. I assume she was using dried chickpeas, instead of canned ones. So you have to soak them before you cook them or they will be all hard and nasty. If you are using canned, I would assume just rinse off the liquid from the can, dry them with paper towel and throw 'em on the cookie sheet.